Valorant, which was released in 2020 by RIOT Games, has been a massive success and currently competes with CS:GO in terms of concurrent players and Twitch viewers. Thanks to the ever-increasing player base, constant updates and regular official competitions, this shooter has become the main favorite for the leading role in the esports industry.

Regional and international competitions

From the start of the project, Valorant was developed with a big focus on its esports future – the developers invested a lot of work in the game’s optimization, namely to make sure that the game runs with minimal delay, good FPS, and reliable hit registration. Great technical base, classic and time-proved mechanics from Counter-Strike, and interesting character design inspired by Overwatch and APEX, made the game a huge success. As a result, many professional players from other disciplines decided to switch to Valorant. Besides that, the game has become of a great interest to those interested in making bets on esports.

Having a lot of experience of building an esports ecosystem in their other game, League of Legends, RIOT Games are trying to replicate their success with their new title. Currently they organize regular competitions within seven regional leagues. Besides that, each season concludes with a massive international championship. Thus, it is always possible to find an interesting option to make your bet on Valorant.

Bets on Valorant with GG.Bet

Created in 2016, GG.Bet has always been focused on esports as its main priority. We keep a close eye on the scene and were one of the first bookmakers who started accepting bets on Valorant. Here you can bet on both the official tournaments and third-party events. Our users enjoy multiple types of bets, lucrative odds and great bonuses.

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Valorant Betting

Valorant is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that has attracted over 18 million users since it launched. Valorant, as an eSport, is played in several international and regional contests. GGBet pioneers this MOBA game as it provides several Valorant odds to interested punters. Read on to figure out everything you should know about Valorant bets.

Game Dynamics of Valorant

The competitive eSports game involves a player being in a team of “Agents'', battling against an opposing team. “Agents'' are game characters that possess special skills. When these agents work together as a team, each agent uses their skill to aid the team’s victory. To create a fair battleground, Valorant prevents players from using the same character in a team of 5.

Valorant has several maps or locations where battles are fought. Here are 7 Valorant battle arenas:

  • Pearl
  • Haven
  • Fracture
  • Icebox
  • Bind
  • Breeze
  • and Ascent.

Types of Valorant Bets

Like other eSports bets, GGBet offers its users several Valorant betting options. These various bet types work in different ways and should never be mixed up with each other. Below, we have compiled the available Valorant bet types on GGBet.

  • Moneyline: You may not be familiar with this term but we are sure the terms "Match Winner" and "Tournament Winner'' spark a light in your memory. Moneyline involves predicting the team that wins a single game or the entire Valorant series. This Valorant odds is the most common among bettors and sometimes the easiest to predict.
  • Handicap: This is also known as "spreads". The betting provider (GGBet) assumes a team is at a disadvantage and deduces a point from the strong team's total points. For a bettor to win a handicap of -0.5, the selected team has to win one extra round before the bet is a win.
  • Over/Under: In Valorant betting, this bet type is not used in terms of total points accumulated. It rather focuses on the number of games that will be played before a victor emerges. Here, OVER 2.5 Valorant odds imply that more than 2 games will be played and UNDER 2.5 implies otherwise.
  • Props Bet: AKA Proposition Bets. These are bets that have no effect on the results of the game. Here, Valorant odds are high because these bets are unpredictable. Some examples of this Valorant betting type include: "Map Spreads", "Teams to Win Pistol Rounds" and "Correct Map Score".

Major Valorant Tournaments and Leagues

Valorant MOBA holds contests in several regions, which often leads to its global battle contest. These tournaments offer as high as $1,000,000 as their prize pool. GGbet offers Valorant betting options for its major series and tournaments. The following are the major Valorant competitions:

Valorant Champions Tour

This is a major Valorant contest as it begins with several regional competitions before the teams are eligible for the Challengers Finals. The Valorant Champions Tour is broken down into three different events namely:

  • Valorant Masters: This event is the second-ranked Valorant event and the stepping stone into the Valorant Game Game Championship event.
  • Valorant Ascension: Winning teams from the regional Valorant Challengers events participate here for two years to get qualified for the Valorant Master and Championship events.
  • Valorant Game Changers Championship: Here, 8 of the world's best Valorant teams combat against themselves to win the title of "World Champion".

Valorant Challengers

This Valorant series is a qualification league for the Valorant Ascension and it has been given equal spotlight as the Champion Tour events. The Valorant Challengers involves a regional competition among local Valorant eSports teams with the aim of obtaining a two-year ticket in the Valorant Ascension league.

How Valorant Betting Odds Works

Valorant Odds work the same as regular odds. It signifies the potential profit of the bettor's stakes if he wins the bet. These odds have three forms: decimal odds, fractional odds and American odds.

  • Decimal Odds: This odds type is represented by decimal numbers e.g. 1.1, 2.01, etc. This remains the most used odds format across the globe. Decimal Odds are still the easiest format to calculate the potential payout. The decimal number indicates the total amount a bettor gets, including his initial stake. For example, an odds of 1.7 staked with $100 promises a $170 ($100 × 1.7) win.
  • Fractional Odds: AKA British or Traditional odds. This odds type works in the form of a fraction. The upper digit (the numerator) signifies the potential winnings for every stake specified by the bottom digit (the denominator). Confusing right? Let us illustrate: a 3/2 fractional odd implies that every $2 stake has a potential win of $3.
  • American Odds: This is otherwise known as the Moneyline odd. It appears in the form of an integer with a + and - sign before it e.g. +323, -120. The negative sign in "-120 American Odds" implies that a player must stake $120 to win $100 while the positive symbol in "+120 American Odds" indicates the potential win of $120 for every $100 stake.

Valorant bets always appear in any of these formats and they are indicators of the win or loss probability of a bet. The higher the odds go, the more risk the bet involves.

Live Betting on Valorant

How do you enjoy betting as a soccer match is played live? Excited, right? GGBet allows users to wager on Valorant odds as the game is being played. Live bets give users accurate information which can be analyzed and leveraged to win their bets.

Why should you wager on live Valorant odds on GGBET?

  • The betting experience is more exciting than a regular bet.
  • It gives more accurate information that can result in a guaranteed win.
  • Live bets allow punters to maximize winnings from quick bets. With live bets, bettors can hedge potent losses by placing quick but guaranteed bets.
  • Live Valorant betting has higher odds as the game progresses, creating opportunities for more favourable bets.

Valorant Betting Promotions and Bonuses

GGBet uses some bonuses and promotional campaigns to attract new and existing Valorant betting enthusiasts. These bonuses include:

  • Welcome Bonus: When new bettors register on GGBet and fund their GGBet profile, they are rewarded with up to 200% of their funds as a bonus. Welcome bonuses on GGBet have requirements but these conditions are easy to fulfill.
  • Bet insurance: For Valorant Betting enthusiasts who gamble a lot, GGBet provides a kind of bet that guarantees the return of the wagered amount if the bettor loses. This serves as a loss-proof bet for punters.
  • Free Bets: GGBet does not offer free bets. This is because free bets have requirements that are usually too hard to fulfil.

How to Place a Valorant Bet on GGBet

Having been informed of the generous offers on GGbet, we bet that you are ready to wager on Valorant odds. Take the following steps to successfully place your first GGBet Valorant bet:

  • First, visit the official GGBet webpage to create an account:
  • Search through the “eSports market” section on GGbet and select the Valorant game.
  • Choose the Valorant odds that side with the outcome you predict, after conducting proper research.
  • Type in the amount you want to wager.
  • Confirm the bet.

There you go! Your first Valorant bet has been placed.

Valorant Betting Tips and Strategies

Now that you have learnt how to wager your funds on Valorant odds, there are several tactics and tips that will maximize your winnings on GGBet. Here are some of them:

  • Research Before Betting: It is often tempting to gamble with very little information about the Valorant game you selected. Most times, it is due to the high odds you see or some hearsay from friends and colleagues. It is crucial when Valorant Betting on GGBet to conduct a proper study of the teams and their performances, among other details. This helps in predicting the result of the game and mitigating losses.
  • Stay updated with the latest Valorant news: Following the happenings of Valorant eSports has proven to benefit punters as it helps in their betting analysis. The team using the newest Meta tend to be at an advantage in any battle. So, it is best that a punter is aware of every Valorant update.
  • Manage your money: Since Valorant betting comes with its potential winning and losses, a punter should be prudent when betting. Bettors can split a portion of their allowance to betting and resist the urge to gamble with extra funds.

Customer Support for Valorant Betting

At GGBet, users have access to stellar customer support, in the case of any issues, queries or concerns regarding Valorant betting. These channels are through:

  • 24/7 Live Chat: With emails, no one knows when an appropriate response will come. This is why we offer customers help round-the-clock through our live chat support feature. All you need to do is click on the chat icon at the bottom left corner of the website.
  • Phone Call: If you’re one to loves to talk it out too, our customer support agents have got you. Just navigate towards the bottom right corner of the GGBet website, select your country and you’ll be connected with the appropriate hotline.
  • Email Support: For users who prefer to go down the formal route, email might be your best option. However, do not forget to specify your username and the email address connected to the account, while lodging your complaints.

The extensive betting markets, alluring bonuses and lucrative odds all make GGBet the ultimate platform to bet on Valorant! Sign up now to join the party!